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Gender Wholeness

Gender Wholeness

Adam Restored Ministries’ Gender Wholeness Program exists for men, ages 18+ seeking to live a life, uniquely male, according to God’s order of creation.  Some may not have experienced a healthy father-son environment.  Some, after several years of incarceration, may welcome the opportunity to reassess the attributes of manhood from a spiritual perspective.

Much of the world’s view of masculinity and femininity have been altered to suit the desires of this world.  We believe true wholeness is a return to God’s ideal; a return accomplished by God’s mighty hand and for His glory.  Jehovah Rapha – God restores.

At Adam Restored Ministries, Inc., we offer hourly biblical counseling sessions.

Based on your specific goals and needs, we customize every visit. Many clients chose to meet weekly. But, we will schedule sessions according to your wish.

OUR FEE: The fee is $75 per hourly session ($140/two-hour session). We do not accept insurance.

You can be made whole

Would you like to participate in roundtable discussions on being uniquely male? Do you need special prayer about being a better husband, father, or role model? Let us know how we can help.