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Hampering the Message

Hampering The Message

More than anything shared, the import hampering the message was paramount.  The pointed phrase actually voiced, “…the double-mindedness is hampering your message.” The email spoke of the perusal of all my blog post on my ministry site since I started the 52-Week Writing Challenge.

The message for my ministry, Adam Restored Ministries, Inc., is simple.   “The mission is to promote gender, marital, and sexual wholeness, with a focus on how each contributes to the glory of God, through education, motivation, and collaboration.”  The idea of hampering my message with material on social justice certainly concerns me.

Halting Between Two Positions

I accept that my writings may have betrayed my singleness of position.  Halting between two positions is not the reality.  Jesus Christ and the Word of God epitomizes social justice.  Linker, the author used in many of my challenge submissions, is just a voice concerning “critical thinking” as it relates to social justice.

My choice to write during the 52-Week Writing Challenge on social justice was simply a tool to increase my acumen on the subject—yea, both subjects, social justice and critical thinking.  It was never my purpose to juxtapose them with the mission of Adam Restored Ministries, Inc.  Never would I want to cloud my personal aim to “do all for the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31).

What Should I Do?

The question to be raised is “What should I do?”  Should the post used in the 52-Week Writing Challenge be posted on the ministry blog?  I admit I had already questioned this in my mind.   Often praying for wisdom, I was not expecting the answer to come from an email.  There are some social justice issues that would be germane to the ministry purpose.  Of course, some not.

Hampering the Message

I am now confronted with an absolute new challenge.  Even if all my challenge posts are not placed in my ministry blog, I still want to remain committed to writing with clear purpose.  The purpose would be, as quoted from the email of my new Medium friend, and critic,  “to affirm or uplift those who read my work.”

Unhampered, the message of the Everlasting Gospel is about God’s loving-kindness: His unfailing love, His relational faithfulness, His unbroken patterned of other-centeredness.


Linker, M. (2015). Intellectual Empathy – Critical Thinking for Social Justice. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.

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Charlton Alexander, the founder of Adam Restored Ministries, Inc., is passionate about reaching others who may not know that depth of love that God has for fallen humanity.He believes gender, marital, and sexual wholeness can be achieved when one's eye is single toward God's glory.
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