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Our Mission and Core Values

Authentic and Optimistic

Our Mission

The mission of Adam Restored Ministries, Inc. is to promote gender, marital, and sexual wholeness, with a focus on how each contributes to the glory of God, through education, motivation, and collaboration.

Our Core Values

• Ambition – an earnest desire for unique service
• Enthusiasm – joyful interest in living for God's glory
• Optimism – a win-win-win experience; a win for you means a win for us, thus a win for the kingdom of God
• Original – fresh, relevant
• Collaboration – work with and not against
• Community – esteeming others better than ourselves
• Integrity – authentic, free from pretense
• Prudent – wise, practical, thinking ahead


You can be made whole!

Are you or a loved one experiencing brokenness? Do you have a question or comment? Do you have a prayer need? We’re here for you. Let us know how we can help.