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Our Solution

Nurturing environment for change
A nurturing environment for change

Adam Restored Ministries, Inc. uses education, a nurturing environment for change, and gifted-facilitators to assist in the journey to wholeness.  Gender, marital, and sexual wholeness is the solution to the epidemic.  We will provide these solutions in the following formats:

In Reaching

  • Uniquely Male Roundtable Discussions
  • Marriage Preparation and Marriage Enrichment Sessions
    • Couple Sessions
    • Couple Checkup Group Sessions
  • Wholeness Fellowship Groups for men (Pornography)

Reaching Out

  • Content and Social Media Activity
  • Day/Weekend Workshops for churches
  • Educational programs in partnership with Communities/Community Organizations
  • Radio Ministry Programming (Internet)

You can be made whole!

Are you interested in one of our programs?  Perhaps, you would like us to speak at your community meeting or your church.  We are more than happy to customize a seminar or workshop for your event.


We are not a licensed clinical counseling agency.  We offer biblical counseling intended for transformation of the whole person, as both the counselor and the counselee behold the glorious grace of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.