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Sexual Wholeness

Sexual Wholeness

Adam Restored Ministries’ Sexual Wholeness program exists for men, ages 18+ facing the enthrallment of sexual sin.  They may experience the guilt of an impure thought life, generally associated with the habitual use of pornography and masturbation.  Some may be in bondage to internet porn or involved in some other form of illicit sexual behavior.  In conjunction to their battle, they may be suffering from a strained marriage, a separation, or divorce.

In our program, there is more than a ray of hope.  Sins can be forgiven, thoughts can be purified, and marriages can be saved.  Adam Restored Ministries is here for you!

At Adam Restored Ministries, Inc., we offer hourly biblical counseling sessions.

Based on your specific goals and needs, we customize every visit. Many clients chose to meet weekly. But, we will schedule sessions according to your wish.

OUR FEE: The fee is $75 per hourly session ($140/two-hour session). We do not accept insurance.

You can be made whole

Are you or a loved one experiencing sexual brokenness associated with pornographic use? Using the Freedom Begins Here material and other proven programs, we stand ready to facilitate your journey to wholeness.